About John

John H. Loase was born in Garrison, New York. A small, isolated community, he would often wake to a terrible racket of birds settled over the marshland adjacent to his home.

He moved to Scarsdale, New York and then to Pleasantville, New York in the subsequent ten years. He had a second home, however, one shared amongst each of these three sites. His mother and father, both college professors, would spend their summers in the near untouched wilderness of the Adirondacks. From the days of his infancy, John climbed mountains (in his father’s rucksack), fished pike, and was assaulted by swarms of black flies.

Life brought John H. Loase to Tamil Nadu, India where he served as a missionary amongst a number of secluded mountainous communities in the Kodaikanal hills. His success in travel led him to Seoul, South Korea at the sponsorship of one Professor Lee from Concordia College of Bronxville.

He currently resides in Guangzhou, China where he teaches Business English at Guangdong Communication Polytechnic.


10 thoughts on “About John

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  2. Just starting to enjoy your posts after you kindly liked some of mine. Looking forward to following in the future. Best wishes on your journeys! I really like how you write. 🙂


  3. Hi John, your exploits in China are making my day. They are very funny and provides me with a wonderful glimpse of life in that part of China. I am also completely blown away to learn that you are an amazing writer. Thank you for blogging so I can live through you a bit. Have a wonderful day, and all the best!


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