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On a Restaurant’s Disappearance in Huadu, Guangzhou

You may recall a certain restaurant’s disappearance. I was heartbroken over its loss. They alone served a mighty tasty beef dish. I knew only the picture and had never considered deciphering the name.

You may also recall the appearance of a familiar pooch, one who stood forlorn on the side of the street, raising further mystery as to the restaurant’s departure, the squadron of police not mystery enough.

Well, I would like to give you all some closure.

The restaurant is gone, and it is never returning.

It could not have been more than three weeks, more likely two, that this convenience store sprung up. It was utterly baffling. The Chinese work quick.

I was, for a brief moment, excited over the convenience store’s arrival, but then I found its stock to be identical to the storefront beside it and the supermarket, which cannot be compared to the Western or European understanding of a supermarket, some fifty feet (if even that much) down the street. Not only was it’s stock identical, the prices were some ten to twenty percent higher.

This was not a fair trade. I want my beef back!


5 thoughts on “On a Restaurant’s Disappearance in Huadu, Guangzhou

    1. You have no idea how true that is.

      With the Spring Festival, all of the students have left Huadu (and even a good number of the local families). Without students, there is nobody left to shop there. I have not once seen someone inside the store.

      All I have seen is the staff sleeping at the counter!

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