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More Flooding in Huadu, Guangzhou

I had never lived in a tropical climate. I had not anticipated the oppressive rain that I would have to deal with week after week. While the rest of the world was blanketed in snow, Huadu was drowned in wet.

The first of the three was taken recently. The weather had kept me from uploading photos to the internet, so this news is an echo from a week or two away.

I stood on the road before the bridge debating on whether or not I should get my shoes wet. A bicyclist passed me and made, what could have only been, a condescending remark before plunging into the water.

It was deeper than either of us had anticipated.

After some barks of frustration, the woman gave over to laughter. Ever so carefully, for it was hard to tell where ground stood, she walked back to land.

And it was but a beginning.

Understandably, the thought of crossing did not bud its head.


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