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Feeling Terrified in Huadu, Guangzhou

It was an odd sight. Dark had settled over Huadu, and I was off to dinner. Night comes early here, and even with the clock a few ticks away from 7:00 PM, visibility was low, low, low. Still, it was hard to miss the commotion beside the primary school.

There were hard men all around. Spectators had formed a small ring around them and the yellow monstrosity that had somehow made its way through traffic. It was an odd sight. Understand that, as with most places, construction does not begin in the evening nor does it continue. Work ends at night, especially when thousand ton machineries are involved.

The primary school was shrouded in the cover of black. There was little for me to get excited, or terrified, about. There was little to see!

And then morning came.

One of my greatest fears teaching in China is that the building I am in will collapse. I have heard too many stories of schools just collapsing and killing hundreds to be utterly without worry.

Perhaps this collapse had to do with the rain. I cannot be sure. Fortunately, it occurred at night and during the break. As far as I am aware, none were injured.

Unfortunately, and I counted, the primary school is roughly four hundred feet away from GDCP. That is too close for comfort. I want out of sight and out of mind!


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