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More on a Restaurant’s Disappearance in Huadu, Guangzhou

I have a final exam in the afternoon, but I decided I had enough time to test one of the roads that passes GDCP. For the longest time, I have been trying to leave Huadu by foot. I have been going up and down all of the roads to see if any lead out of Huadu, but do not feed into the highway.

I had not gotten far before I was met with a familiar sight, though one that was rather eerie considering a restaurant’s disappearance.

I had no trouble recognizing the dog. I became assured it was the family’s dog when I approached it, and it gave me a funny look and put some distance between us. You will remember that the little tyke had never warmed to me.

So, feeling rather bewildered I took a picture of the dog, who looked lost and forlorn, and continued along down the road to see where it led. What more was there to do?

I have been playful about the restaurant’s disappearance, but upon returning from my walk, I noticed a unformed individual on the sidewalk. I assumed it was one of the security personnel from GDCP having gone for a walk himself. I almost called out to him before I realized that this individual’s uniform was a tad more decorative.

Holding my tongue, I neared and passed a squad car, three motorbikes, and six police officers. Now, this by itself may not floor you, but this is Huadu: near country. The equivalent would be the sheriff and his deputies hanging around outside your neighbor’s front lawn. It is not typical and means something is going on.

The shutters of the restaurant, which had been open earlier, were closed to the officers.

I am leaving the realm of playful curiosity and becoming truly anxious.


9 thoughts on “More on a Restaurant’s Disappearance in Huadu, Guangzhou

    1. I was sweating bullets because sometimes I forget to walk around with my passport, which you have to do as a foreigner in China. Most of the time nobody cares, but that does not mean ALL of the time.

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  1. Hey John, where did you go? Haven’t seen you on WordPress in awhile. Hope all is well! I’m sure you’re probably just really busy with teaching. Did you get a pet yet? Just wondering… take care! ~M


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