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Flooding in Huadu, Guangzhou

After twelve hours of rain I decided I should get a walk in otherwise I might spend the entire day growing mushrooms inside. I left the more industrial section of Huadu for the comforts of farmland and, what should have come as no surprise, found them flooded.

I do not have a picture (before and after) of the small rickety bridge that fields the length of an early leg of the river, but when I saw water trickling over its boards, I paused for a moment and recalled all of the films in which bridges had theatrically (and often with some lover or family member screaming from land) been swept down the river.

After a few moments of contemplation, a rickshaw drove over the bridge, and I felt I had to cross as a matter of face.


3 thoughts on “Flooding in Huadu, Guangzhou

  1. Are the floods seasonal or is this a one time thing? Based on the height of the bridge in your first picture I would guess seasonal. Looks like one of those facts of life kind of things that the locals don’t even notice but from the outside it looks concerning.

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    1. The floods are seasonal, yes, but this is not the season for them!

      Huadu is a district of Guangzhou, which you may know as Canton: a natural harbor. Tsunamis and the works are commonplace here.

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