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A Restaurant’s Disappearance in Huadu, Guangzhou


I woke up yesterday and found the shutters closed. It was odd, and I thought to myself, “they’re gone.” I don’t know how I knew, but somehow it felt off. I would later return and find the shutters slightly ajar.


Bare concrete were carpet had once been laid. None of the restaurants previous charm remained. It had been hollowed out, a shell of its former self.

If you squint, you can see a pair of Triad goons mixing in with the shadows. I have no idea what happened to the restaurant. I woke one day and found the shutters closed. The next (today), they were wide-open, but the interior had been entirely gutted, a small trash heap left beside the entrance.

Now, I loved this place. If you are familiar with American Chinese food, you will know of beef-on-the-stick. I found beef-off-the-stick here. It was delicious. It was a tad pricey at 35 RMB (you will remember a bowl of noodles from across the street costs 8 RMB), but it was worth it once or twice a week.

It also helped that they had two cats and a dog, though the dog never warmed to me. It was a nice environment to enjoy a better than average meal.

And now it is gone.

I am sure my students would know, or could find out, what happened, but I am almost frightened to ask them. I know it is silly, but what if the reason they disappeared is one that will make me up-end five month’s worth of dining.

I think for the time being I will just have to find a new place to get my beef fix. Let’s hope that they do not disappear, as well.


7 thoughts on “A Restaurant’s Disappearance in Huadu, Guangzhou

    1. That is the Muslim noodle store, which I call the Muslim noodle store because all of the women were hijabs or scarves, the men (aside from the youngest) all wear caps, and half the restaurant is decorated in Arabic words.

      This is a larger establishment across the street. Not for single diners, but I am an American, so I eat where I want. Big tables set up outside.


      1. Well, I am paid roughly three to four times the average salary in Huadu. Most people cannot afford to eat at these places alone (remember that ONE dish costs 35 RMB). Most of the students at the school spend 10 RMB a day on food, and that is discount cafeteria food.

        Keep in mind, there are other identical restaurants nearby, so I am not going to starve. I only ate at the place once or twice a week because of the price.


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