A Look Around Huadu, Guangzhou #1

With eight different final exams and over four hundred students, time leaves me little room to write.

Below are some photos taken around Huadu, Guangzhou. Each has a story to tell, but that will have to wait for another time.


11 thoughts on “A Look Around Huadu, Guangzhou #1

      1. That is fascinating! I wish your daughter the best of luck! Do you know how long her mission will last?

        As far as I am aware, the only form of Christianity present in China is a branch of Catholicism managed by the government. Other than that, I don’t know if there are any church services available to citizens.

        There is a state-run branch of Catholicism and Protestantism. Wikipedia is magnificent!

        For example, when I go to church nearby the airport, I have to show the parishioners my passport to prove that I am not Chinese and therefore can legally participate in the service.

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      2. She will be there until the end of February and my oldest daughter is a full-time missionary in California. I know the missionaries we support are not Catholic. Christians yes, but not Catholic Christians. I belong to a baptist church and the church I use to attend before I moved was non-denominational. I don’t see much of a difference between the two churches. I suppose it’s really quite different being over there.

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      3. I am not Catholic either. My work in Tamil Nadu was with a Lutheran organization, though I am a Methodist myself.

        The government in China manages a number of branches of Christianity: Catholicism (ie. Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association) and Protestantism (ie. Three-Self Patriotic Movement and China Christian Council).

        It would be interesting to see what the services are like, but I imagine they are in Chinese. I would not be able to understand anything!

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      4. I am doing some studying. My main motivator is that the security personnel at the main gate are very friendly, but we have the same conversation every day because I only know how to ask and respond to,”Have you eaten yet?”

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      5. Well, some of my students. The International Trade class in particular has a strong command of the English language, but the problem is that they never want to speak Chinese!

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