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Daily Life in Huadu, Guangzhou #5

If you have been wondering why I have not made a post in near half a month (and I am sure few are), know that it was not the offense of your hygiene (Hah, hah, hah). For near half a month I have been battling with the forces of nature: namely rain. It would seem, and I say seem because I am not altogether sure, that when the weather sours, so too does the internet.

I have felt rather like a rat caught in a cage (I believe the expression involves a rat) these last couple weeks. Little other than food and work could motivate me to venture forth from my den, and within, there was not much at all to do with a downed internet connection and a cable-less television.

So I waited. When the rain finally stopped, and this time for good, I found myself overcome with restlessness. It being the weekend, I walked a tad farther than normal.

I was dimly aware that this was not the kind of place an expatriate generally cavorts, met with rough dirt roads and ramshackle wooden bridges over irrigation. I enjoyed it immensely, however. I had never truly understood, or at least acknowledged, that Huadu was “practically country” until I ambled across said country, none too far from where I find my employ.

A man, rather overwhelmed with my being there, gave me two plums (or some Chinese equivalent). They were sweet, though I much prefer Orion Pies.


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