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Daily Life in Huadu, Guangzhou #2

An unusual morning. An unusual afternoon. It was cold! It is cold! While I would not normally describe 59F as being cold, considering I have been assaulted with 90F and 80F weather for the past two months, 59F was something of a shocker.

I brought no warm clothes with me to China, and I do not intend to purchase any. It is not that cold out. After pinching myself, I made the short trek to the canteen with the faintest of shakes as the wind blasted my bare arms. Students thought it “cool”. My seeming indifference, that is. Those I passed were hunkered down beneath layers and coats.

At the canteen, I found myself distraught at the lack of options. When it comes to Wednesdays, I do not have class until the afternoon. Naturally, I take advantage of this freedom with sleep, sleep, and sleep. The students, it seemed, took advantage of my slumber and absconded with my favorite buns, leaving only the odd ones I have mentioned before behind.

With some annoyance, I selected one which appeared the least offensive, though that was not to say inoffensive, and prepared myself to throw it away. It looked highly unusual, but there was little other option.

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An earth-shattered discovery! The bun which I had thought to be queer, to resemble a wound-spring, was as familiar as could be! It was a cinnamon bun! After my teeth had sunk into it, the oddity of it shape turned to familiarity, and I could not fathom how I had not recognized it before. While without icing, it did not lack for flavor.

The shock of this discovery left me far too ill to proceed with the day’s plans (read: laziness). I had recently attempted (mind the attempted) to purchase gifts for the family over the internet. Unfortunately, the card I received from the bank had no such capability. My students instructed me that I would most likely have to speak with the bank to rectify the issue (perhaps even open a new account). Being the kind souls that they are, a few had even offered to help me in this endeavor, the bank being without English ability.

There is still some time before Christmas, so I do not worry.


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